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Little Dreamers Photography

Award Winning Newborn, Child & Maternity Photographer and Digital Artist in Leicester.

Photography Services in Leicester

Hi and welcome to Little Dreamers Photography, where fine art and photography come hand in hand.

My name is Adele and I am an award winning Newborn, Child and Maternity photographer from Leicester, UK. 

In 2014, my first baby was born. Evie, a beautiful little girl who stole my heart. I snapped away image after image on my phone, and printed hundreds! The more I photographed, the more I looked for the light. The more I adored the shadows cast on her little face, the details of her soft skin with little fluffy hairs which were caught in the light on her perfect little head. When my phone couldn't capture her tiny details, I decided to get a camera which would, and quickly learnt that photography was NOT just down to equipment! From then on it was a steep learning curve - as steep as the exponential growth of my love for photography. I played out my adoration for my daughter through the lens, and wanted to share my new-found skills with everyone! 

My abilities grew with time, patience, practice and investment. Investment in equipment, education, mentoring, the further I went in, the deeper my love grew. Every image I produce has every second of knowledge and practice in it. In 2014 I would photograph 100 images a day! For fear of missing something. Now, every single image I photograph has meaning and nothing is missed. 

For me, less is more. Quality over quantity. 

If you are displaying images in your home, you want each one to mean something, and to reflect the love of the moment it was taken. 

I am so grateful you have chosen me to capture these moments for you. Thank you.

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