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Composite Images


Breathe! Baby is safe!

This image is an example of a composite image. An image which includes 2 or more photographed, combined together to give the illusion that the baby or child is in a situation which clearly would not be safe/physically possible.

Composite photography is a huge new world of photography which over the past decade has become increasingly popular. It can add a level of interest and excitement to your photographs, without putting the subjects in danger. Take this image, for example. Clearly there was not a T-Rex chasing this family......

Guess the Composite

Below are a few images I have taken. I wonder if you can guess the composite?


All of those are #composites! Some more than others, but not one of those images is completely 'straight out of camera'. In order to keep babies safe, including during that 'froggy pose' (where baby has their hands on their chin and appear to be holding up their own head), 2 or more images have been combined.

I love working on composite images. It allows you to let your imagination become reality, and you can create art which would not otherwise be possible with photographs.

The downside? People who do not understand the difference between composite photography, and straight out of camera photography. This is INCREDIBLY dangerous. A brand new, fresh to the business newborn photographer, or a mum who has seen it on instagram, may not understand the difference, and put their baby or child in dangerous situations without appreciating the risk.

This is why it is important to research your photographer thoroughly prior to letting them photograph your baby or child.

If you ever feel unsafe when watching your photographer at work, you must ALWAYS speak up. We are very used to reassuring new parents in situations where they ask questions, and absolutely do not take offence to regular questions being asked. The person who makes you feel uncomfortable is the person to avoid. #newbornsafety is paramount.

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