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SEND Support and Advocacy - The Heart of Little Dreamers

Provision should be reality. Not the stuff of dreams.

Little Dreamers is founded upon an ethos of giving back, and advocating for those who need support. Our area of focus includes supporting parents with Subject Access Requests, letter writing to authorities and school bodies, EHCP applications, meeting attendance and advising on legalities around the use of restraint in schools.  

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About Our Team

Our team is made up of various professionals aimed at covering as many bases as possible! We have a fully qualified doctor with lived experience of autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, specific learning difficulty, EHCP applications and legislation surrounding restraint in schools. If we feel your query is out of our scope we will recommend or signpost to another organisation we feel this is in the best interest of you or your child.

Another of our team members has a degree in criminology and the criminal justice system. She is able to advise us on legal matters surrounding education and restraint of children in the school environment.

We also are proud to include a significantly experienced Parent Governor who has governed various schools and been Chair for 10 years. Their vast and detailed knowledge of the processes and procedures within schools has been vital in fighting for the rights of countless children with SEND. We also have input from a fully qualified and experienced primary school teacher with an interest in SEND, and a parent expert on financial support for children with disability and SEND.

Our team is small but very proactive, with an expanding collection of resources available to our clients.

If you know of a family who may benefit from this service, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Little Dreamers SEND advocacy is run as a 'not for profit' organisation, and relies soley on donations from the public and families supported. This means our assistance to vulnerable people is currently limited. If we are unable to meet the requirements of your enquiry we will endeavor to signpost you to another service which may be of help.


If you wish to make a donation towards the work provided, please do so in this link:

SEND Advocacy Donation,

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or contact us at:

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Parent Testimonial - 1

LDSA has provided immense support over the last few years. When I felt very overwhelmed by the system, she stepped in and knew exactly how to help. Adele has assisted me to apply for an EHCP for my son, walked me through the Subject Access Request process, and provided support when my son was being wrongfully restrained in school. They are dedicated to advocating for SEND families and the support provided is invaluable. Thank you, LDSA.


Parent Testimonial - 2

I can't thank Adele enough for all the assistance and support in helping my family with the SAR request and submitting our EHCP application for my 7 year old son. She has been amazing. I can't imagine where I would be now without your help.

Teddy Bear

Parent Testimonial - 3

I am immensely grateful for Adele's exceptional letter writing skills and invaluable support in navigating the  intricacies of constructing formal letters. Her deep understanding of legal terms and rights empowered me to advocate effectively for my child's needs. Moreover, her unwavering support played a huge role in the decision to deregister my child from traditional schooling and embark on the home education journey. I truly appreciate her expertise, guidance, dedication throughout this process. 


Magical Images

Enabling Children restrained by medical equipment to Dream Big!

Elliott is 5 and severely disabled. When his mummy asked me to create some images of him without the constraints of his medical and posture equipment, we produced these for their family.

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Love The One


Josh's mummy contacted me for a photoshoot to celebrate his adoption. He has severe learning disability, Autism, Hydrocephalus and Sensory Processing Disorder. This image is the very first image of Josh giving eye contact in ANY photograph, EVER!  Josh is now the proud son of Mary, a doctor living and working in India for the charity Love the One.

Love the One, itself as a concept, exists to stand alongside poor, abused, orphaned, exploited and marginalised children in India. One child at a time. 

Their work began in 2007, and since then they have evolved into a charity that is passionate about child-centred development. Children represent the future and are often the starting point for breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty, abuse and discrimination.

To support the amazing work they do, please visit 

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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

A charity providing bereaved families with heirloom remembrance portraits 

NILMDTS gifts bereaved parents with an intimate portrait session that they cannot create for themselves. Our photographers will deliver heirloom images in black and white to preserve a timeless look that will last for generations. Adele is an affiliated photographer, and Digital Retouch Artist for NILMDTS, proud to service families in time of need.

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